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Tatap Tour 2020 Europa

28 Feb Vienn Fingerstyle Fest (Porgy & Bess) (Austria)
29 Feb Linz Atte Welt Gasthaus Galerie (Austria)
02 March Passau Home Concert (Germany)
04 March Prague Tv program Na Plovarne (Rep Checa)
04 March Doupe Club Concert mit Stanislav Barek (Prague - Rep Checa)
05 March mit Concert Standa Barek (Horsovsky Tyn - Rep Checa)
10 March Leipzig (Germany)
12 March Dresden (Germany)
13 March Private Concert (Worms - Germany)
14 March Guitarren Fest - Mit Tilman Hiihn and Ralf Gauck (arms - Germany)
19 March Kilohertz (Berlin - Germany)
20 March Musikhaus Sputa (Bremen - Germany)
21 March Antwerpen (Home Concert) Belgium
24 March Paris (Private Concert) Francia

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